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Diamond rings in Hatton Garden

Hatton Garden Diamonds | London

| Daniel Brisk
If you're in the market for a diamond and want to explore both natural and lab grown options, Hatton Garden in London is a great place to start. This historic district has been a hub for jewellery makers and diamond sellers for centuries, and there are numerous shops that specialise in diamonds of all kinds.

One of the top options for diamond shopping in Hatton Garden is Regal. This jeweller has an excellent reputation for providing high-quality diamonds and top-notch customer service. With five-star ratings on both Google and Trustpilot, it's clear that customers love the Regal experience.

So why would you want to consider both natural and lab-grown diamonds? There are a few reasons. First, natural diamonds are incredibly rare and valuable, and many people find them inherently desirable. However, they can also be expensive, and some consumers may want to explore more affordable options. Lab grown diamonds offer an alternative that can be just as beautiful and durable, but come with a lower price tag.

Additionally, some people prefer lab-grown diamonds because they're an ethical and sustainable choice, as they avoid the environmental and social issues associated with natural diamond mining. At Regal in Hatton Garden, you can find both natural and lab-grown diamonds. The jewellers at Regal will work with you to determine your preferences and help you find the diamond that is right for you. With their 5-star rating, you can trust that you'll be in good hands throughout your shopping experience. Whether you're searching for a diamond engagement ring or a special gift, Regal in Hatton Garden is the perfect place to start.