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Why to Sell Your Watch to Regal Jewellers

Sell your rolex to regal jewellers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Regal is a leading online buyer of diamonds, jewellery and luxury watches.

Our office is based in Hatton Garden, London. We work with hundreds of customers on a daily basis from around the globe. Our fast, secure service allows you to sell your luxury pieces online or in person with no fees or commissions deducted.

We pride ourselves on delivering a fast and efficient service. The entire selling process can take as little as 48 hours from beginning to end.

If you decide to sell your Rolex watch, you have plenty of options available when selecting a watch dealer, but they are not all equal! The worst thing you can do is visit a pawn shop or jewellery store, as their offer is bound to be one of the lowest you will receive – this is because traditional “bricks and mortar” retailers have high overheads. They also lack the specialist knowledge required to accurately value your Rolex.

At Regal, we are solely focused on buying pre-owned Rolex watches. We have specialist Rolex watchmakers on staff ready to provide their expertise on every purchase.

Furthermore, thanks to this expertise, and our channels into the Rolex reseller market, we are able to offer some of the most competitive Rolex watch valuations.

Rolex watches are popular all year round, so you will always receive a good price for your watch, no matter when you choose to make the sale. But if you are looking to maximise the amount you receive, then it is best to look to sell around popular gift-giving seasons, such as at Christmas. This allows you to capitalise on the higher seasonal demand.

Please contact an authorised specialist retailer immediately. They can dry out your watch on site and determine whether the moisture or water has already caused damage to the movement.

We will transfer the money to your bank account the same day. It should be available in 24 hours.