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Buying a Diamond: 5 mistakes to avoid

| Gillian Esposito

Buying Guide

When shopping for engagement rings and wedding rings, the emotional aspect of the purchase coupled with the financial outlay can make it a daunting process. If you are not armed with the right information you can risk making an unwise choice. Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of people find or create their perfect diamond engagement rings and wedding rings in our Hatton Garden showroom, in London’s Jewellery Quarter.

We’ve heard the stories, stresses and pressures from our clients who come to us for advice and impeccable service. So to help you with buying a diamond, we’ve compiled five of the top mistakes to avoid when shopping for diamond wedding rings and engagement rings, so you can find the ring of your dreams with confidence.

1. Rushing In

In the excitement of a proposal or pressure of wedding planning it is all too easy to rush in and buy the first diamond or ring that catches your eye. But stop. Take a step back. And approach the process with calm. This may be the most important purchase you will ever make, the ring that will adorn the hand of your bride or partner for ever-more - no matter how tight your deadlines, take your time!

Take the time to educate yourself on the basics (the Four C’s for instance) so you are not going into the process blind, and find a diamond dealer and jeweller that you trust. Not all jewellers will have qualified gemologists working in-house, and many won’t offer bespoke options for you to create a unique engagement ring or wedding ring. Make sure you allow time for the process – research and decisions - and that will allow you to enjoy it as you should.


2. Ignoring the Cut

There are Four C’s that categorise the grade of a diamond – Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. Every diamond will be graded against each one. You can read about the Four C’s here. Despite what you might think, when it comes to buying a diamond for engagement rings and wedding rings, cut is the main one to consider.

The colour grade can have some flexibility as you will need to come quite far down the scale before an undesirable tint is discernible to the naked eye (diamonds graded D to F will appear colourless). Even clarity can be slightly compromised upon when it comes to budget (you’re looking for a grade above SI1), and carat (the diamond weight) doesn’t need to be huge to create impact. However, the one thing that will dictate the brilliance and sparkle of your diamond above all else is cut.

The cut of a diamond is key. Poorly cut diamonds will be cheaper than their beautifully cut counterparts, but will appear dull and smaller in comparison. A smaller excellent cut diamond will make far more of a statement than a larger poorly cut one. Our gemologists can advise you on all of the Four C’s of buying a diamond, and help you find your perfect stone with honesty and integrity you can trust.


3. Expecting a Bargain

Remember this rule: there are no bargains when it comes to diamond buying. And that is a fact. Diamond prices are set by De Beers, so wholesale prices are standard across the industry. That doesn’t mean retail prices can’t vary, but be very wary of a retailer selling diamonds significantly less than others, or jewellers who set prices high to then slash them making a diamond look like a steal.

When buying diamonds for engagement rings or wedding rings, you get what you pay for. However, with clever compromise or choosing a lab-grown diamond you can really maximise what you get for your money. At Regal we take you time to talk you through your options, making sure a ring of your dreams can be within reach.


4. Picking the Wrong Setting

If designing a bespoke engagement ring, your diamond choice should go hand-in-hand with the ring setting. Don’t expect any diamond will work in any setting. Our experts know what will work for each shape and size of diamond, and also know the tricks to make your stone look bigger in your ring!

For instance, a narrow dainty band on engagement rings will emphasise the size of the diamond making it appear larger. Or a halo setting will give the impression of an overall larger stone. When creating your bespoke engagement ring, during the design process we will advise you at every step and produce detailed images of your ideas, and even create a wax 3D print of your final design, so you can be sure your ring is perfect in every detail.


5. Not Getting the Right Advice 

Finally, the last mistake to avoid is not seeking out the right advice from qualified experts. Salespeople in jewellers shops can give an opinion and show you options, but being able to access a qualified gemstone expert will allow you to make a more informed choice.

Good jewellers will give warranties and guarantees on your diamonds and rings, and even offer free cleaning and inspections over the life of the ring to keep it in perfect condition. Buying a diamond engagement ring or wedding rings is an investment, and one that is worth looking after.

We are proud to offer a Lifetime Warranty on all our Regal Fine Jewellery. In addition, Regal offers all our UK customers a complimentary diamond jewellery cleaning and inspection service for their Regal jewellery. When buying a diamond or purchasing an engagement ring, wedding rings or fine jewellery from us, we are committed to ensuring the high level of customer service you experience from Regal never ends.