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Ring Size Guide

Frequently asked questions: Ring Size Guide

Determining your ring size is simple. Visit our Hatton Garden store for a professional measurement. Alternatively, use our online ring size guide, featuring easy-to-follow instructions and printable sizing tools.

Yes, you can! Our online Ring Size Guide provides step-by-step instructions for accurate at-home measurements. Ensure to follow the guidelines closely for the best results.

Yes, certain ring styles may require specific sizing considerations. Our expert team at Regal in Hatton Garden can guide you through the nuances, ensuring a perfect fit for engagement rings, wedding bands, and eternity rings.

If your measurement falls between sizes, it's recommended to choose the larger size for comfort. For precise advice, consult our Hatton Garden experts, who can provide tailored recommendations based on the ring style and design.

Yes, resizing is a common practice. However, certain designs may have limitations. Our skilled artisans in Hatton Garden can assess your ring and advise on the feasibility of resizing while maintaining its integrity.

Yes, different metals can influence the perceived size and fit of a ring. Our Hatton Garden specialists will guide you on how various metals, such as platinum, or gold, may impact the sizing of your chosen ring.

It's advisable to check your ring size periodically, especially if you experience weight fluctuations or changes in climate. Regular checks ensure your rings continue to fit comfortably.

Absolutely! Our online Ring Size Guide caters to international customers. We provide size conversion charts, ensuring a seamless experience for clients around the world.