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Engagement rings in Hatton Garden

Valentines Day Jewellery For Your Loved One

| Daniel Brisk

If you are looking for that special present for your girlfriend on Valentine's Day, the obvious option is an engagement ring if you are serious about taking your relationship to the next level. 


However, women today may want more than the standard diamond. The ring you propose has to be perfect, and, as such, you will want to think about the size of the diamond, its cut, the ring's metal, and whether or not you want a lab-grown diamond or a mined one. All of these considerations can help you to get the answer you want when you pop the questions, so with that in mind, how can our team at Regal Hatton Garden help?


We offer a range of stunning diamond engagement rings of all sizes and qualities, and we even offer a 'create your own engagement ring' option. That way, the ring you take home with you will be perfect for Valentine's Day and for getting your loved one to say yes. 


How To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring

When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring, you need to think about more than the size of the stone. Although, in some cases, that will be a factor that can help sway the situation in your favour! Either way, we can offer you a wide range of engagement rings from Hatton Garden.


First and foremost, you will need to think deeply about the woman you are proposing to. What are her preferences? For example, if she is a lady who loves all things sparkly and already has a lot of diamond jewels, then it is unlikely that she will be satisfied with a simple ring with a single diamond. Or, if you have a girlfriend who is a bit more minimalist, then you are unlikely to woo her with a flashy, larger rock!


Of course, if you are looking to make a statement with the engagement ring, you will need to look into the 4 C's of a diamond: the cut, the carat, the colour, and the clarity. The cut is the shape of the diamond, which we will go into a bit later, and the carat is the weight of the stone. The colour refers to the colour (or lack of colour, with D being the highest and Z being the lowest), and the clarity rating is the number of imperfections in the stone. 


Once you have thought about these factors, it is time to contact our trained team at Regal Hatton Garden to help you find the perfect diamond and ring for your partner. 


Natural Diamond vs Lab-Grown

In the last few years, there has been a move from mined diamonds towards lab-grown ones due to many people having concerns surrounding the ethics of the diamond trade. 


At Regal Hatton Garden, we offer both, and they are indistinguishable from each other. Indeed, a lab-grown or man-made diamond is measured using the 4 CsC's. There is something romantic, of course, about a diamond that has been mined from the earth, but if your spouse-to-be is of an ethical mindset or has concerns about sustainability, then opting for a mined diamond may not be the best choice. 


Another benefit and consideration is the cost; while it may seem like all diamonds of a set clarity and colour have the same proof range, lab-grown diamonds are often more affordable due to the lack of transport and material costs. Picture it- you, proposing with a diamond ring that looks like it is worth about £10,000, when you paid half or less for it, without sacrificing any quality. It just makes sense to many people!


So, feel free to look through our lab-grown diamond rings. You can even create the perfect engagement ring with a lab-grown diamond of your choice via our website at Regal Hatton Garden.


Customised Rings

We are aware that for some people, it can be quite tough to go through a lengthy design process. Therefore, we offer our 'Ready to Wear Collection,' which can help you find the perfect engagement ring for your partner via prechosen designs.


Our speciality at Regal Hatton Garden is customised rings, meaning that you have the ability to choose everything about the ring you propose, right down to the shape of the diamond and the carat of the metal it is set into. 


Our selection of diamond cuts (or shapes) is vast, ranging from the more traditional round cut to the princess (square) cut all the way to the more modern Asscher cut. Again, this can be a great deciding factor, based on whether the lady you are proposing prefers a more modern vibe to her jewellery or if she is more traditional.


We also allow you to shop by ring style; in 2024, the solitaire and diamond band engagement rings are more popular, but we can also offer you the cluster ring style, as well as the Moi and Toi option, where two different-shaped diamonds are placed on the same band.


Lastly, we can also offer you a choice of different metals. We have the traditional duo, white gold and yellow gold, but we can also provide you with a platinum base for your ring or even a rose gold one. 



Yes, we spoke about the colour of the diamonds that we can offer earlier in relation to the diamond being a grade D-Z. In this instance, we mean something different!


We know that some women are attracted to certain colours, such as red, pink or blue, which can cause their partners to think that they need to buy a ruby or sapphire ring for their engagement ring. That's not the case here at Regal Hatton Garden, as we can offer you a rainbow of different coloured stones, all of which are diamonds. 


If that sounds preferable to the standard clear diamond, please talk to our team about our yellow, pink, blue, and green diamonds. They are all measured with the 4 C's and can be chosen as the base for a customised ring with our team.


So, if you want to pop the question this Valentine's Day with a one-of-a-kind diamond engagement ring, please contact our team at Regal Hatton Garden today!