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Engagement Rings in Hatton Garden

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Hatton Garden is renowned for its historic jewellery quarter, offering a wide selection of expert jewellers with a rich tradition of craftsmanship. With a plethora of styles, designs, and personalised options, Regal in Hatton Garden is the ideal destination for finding the perfect engagement ring.

Start by considering the 4 Cs ‚Äď Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat. Our expert jewellers in our Hatton Garden showroom can guide you through the process, helping you select a ring that suits your preferences, budget, and complements your partner's style.

While Hatton Garden is famous for bespoke jewellery, you can find a diverse range of our ready-to-wear engagement rings as well. Whether you prefer a unique custom design or a classic piece, at Regal in Hatton Garden we offer options for every taste.

The cost varies based on factors like metal type, diamond quality, and design complexity. At Regal in Hatton Garden we accommodate various budgets, ensuring you find a beautiful engagement ring that meets your financial considerations.

The timeline depends on the complexity of the design and customisation. Generally, bespoke engagement rings in our Hatton Garden workshop take a few weeks from design consultation to crafting, ensuring meticulous attention to detail.

Absolutely! At Regal in Hatton Garden we boast a collection of antique and vintage engagement rings, each with its own unique charm and history. Book a consultation to explore the diverse offerings to discover a ring with character and timeless elegance.

At Regal in Hatton Garden we are committed to ethical sourcing practices. Inquire about the origin of the diamonds and gemstones to ensure your engagement ring aligns with your ethical values.

At Regal in Hatton Garden we provide options to help you make your dream engagement ring more accessible. Explore these options during your consultation.

At Regal in Hatton Garden our engagement rings are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and the ability to tailor each piece to the individual. The unique designs and commitment to quality make us stand out in the rest in Hatton Garden.