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Rolex watches in Hatton Garden

How to Clean and Maintain Your Luxury Watch

| Daniel Brisk

A luxury watch is an investment in timeless style. The more expensive or rare the timepiece, the more you must care for it each day to retain its aesthetic appeal, quality, and function.

If you are guilty of letting your watch gather dust in a drawer or allowing dirt and debris to accumulate, it is time to give the stylish timepiece some TLC.

Of course, there are right and wrong ways to clean it. Continue reading to learn how to clean and maintain your luxury watch.

Organise Regular Servicing

A luxury watch isn’t a typical piece of jewellery. It is a delicate timepiece containing specific instruments that a qualified expert should handle and be serviced.

Despite many watchmakers crafting watches that are designed to last many lifetimes, they need routine care to extend their lifespan.

For instance, pallet stones may affect the escape wheels or cog teeth could grind against each other.

Whether you own a Rolex, Omega, or Cartier watch, you must ensure it is serviced every one or two years to detect and fix potential issues or restore obvious or subtle damage.

Doing so will help your classic or contemporary design stand the test of time.

Routinely Clean Your Watch

Routine cleaning will do much more than maintain your luxe watch’s visual appeal, as it can support its good function and longevity.

Dust, grime, and other particles can gradually build up in a timepiece’s various crevices, which may lead to an expanding bracelet and movement issues. Also, oils and dirt can scratch the surface, damaging its aesthetics.

Ensure your watch looks and functions as good as the day you bought it by regularly wiping the external parts with a soft cloth.

No matter how dirty a watch appears, you must never clean it with an abrasive material, such as a paper towel or scouring pad. If you do so, you will likely scratch the watch and ruin its visual appeal.

Don’t be tempted to open the interior to clean it, too, as only skilled experts should clean a timepiece’s internal components during a servicing.

Store Your Watch in Its Original Box

It is unlikely you will wear your watch around the clock. However, don’t make the mistake of placing it on a bedside table or loosely in a drawer, as it will likely result in a build of dust, debris, or condensation and cause unwanted scratches.

Keep your luxury watch in excellent condition by storing it inside its original padded box, as it was designed to keep it safe and protected throughout its lifetime.

Rest Your Watch on the Watch Pin

Sometimes, you want to take your watch off but don’t have a box to place it in.

One way to prevent damage is to rest it on the watch pin, as it will prevent excess damage.

Keep Clear of Colognes and Chemicals

Colognes, chemicals, oils, and perfumes can damage your watch gradually, and you must avoid them as much as possible.

For instance, avoid spraying cologne or using perfume products on your wrist, as they can weaken a watch’s leather band, which may lead to an unwanted tear.

If you want to use a cologne or perfume on your wrist, allow it to dry completely before adding a watch.

Protect Your Timepiece from Direct Sunlight

It is natural to want to show your luxury watch off, as it can elevate a casual outfit or tie formal attire together.

However, you must avoid flashing your classic or contemporary design outdoors, as the sun can cause the colour to fade, and direct heat will reduce its battery life and affect internal parts.

Keep your watch away from direct sunlight as much as possible, such as hiding it underneath your sleeve.

Care for the Crystal

It is essential to care for your watch’s crystal, which is the transparent glass covering the face, to protect its function and aesthetic.

As obvious as it might sound, you must do your best to avoid impacts or scratches to prevent marring its clarity.

For instance, don’t wear it when performing DIY tasks, cleaning, or playing sports or games with your kids.

Understand Your Watch’s Water Limit

Most watches have different water limits you must be mindful of when showering, bathing, swimming, or washing dishes.

If it is water resistant for approximately 50 meters, you would be wise to leave it in its original box when swimming or snorkelling at home or on holiday. A sudden change in pressure could impair a watch’s function.

Also, avoid placing a watch with a leather band into water, as it will weaken the strap over time.

Stay Away from Magnets

Try to place your watch away from a magnet, as it can cause unnecessary damage and impact its timekeeping.

It is a must-do if you own a mechanical watch, as it can destroy various running parts, such as the hairspring and balance wheel.

Don’t Wind Your Watch on Your Wrist

Winding a watch when it is on your wrist over taking it off might feel easier, but it can cause serious damage.

When you adjust the wrist while wearing it, you may pull the crown upwards, damaging the internal winding stem.

Always take off the watch when turning the dial to protect its quality and accuracy.

Always Read the Watch Manual

Our Hatton Garden watches are sold with a manual, which includes expert advice on how to care for them throughout the years.

Most timepieces have certain requirements you would be wise to follow, as the models are unique to each other.

If in doubt, reach out to an expert for advice on how to clean and maintain your specific watch.


Most luxury watches are designed to last for many decades, allowing the timepiece to be passed down many generations.

Unfortunately, small mistakes can affect its quality, function, and style over the years, which is why you must show it much TLC throughout the years.

In addition to storing it in its original box when you are not wearing it, you must keep it clean with a soft cloth and avoid direct sunlight, magnets, chemicals, and colognes.

Also, we here at Regal can successfully service your watch to preserve its accuracy, internal components, and aesthetic appeal