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Luxury watches in Hatton Garden

How to Maintain and Preserve Your Luxury Watch for Generations to Come

| Daniel Brisk

Luxury watches are often made with traditional watchmaking techniques and mechanical parts, meaning that they can last generations if they’re cared for and well-maintained. Considering their high price point and the detail that has gone into their design, it’s well worth your time to maintain your luxury timepiece from day one properly.

Start with a Quality Watch

When it comes to buying a luxury watch, you have two main options. You can either buy it new directly from the brand, or if you want a cheaper alternative that can help you access luxury watches that would have originally been out of your price point, you can shop second-hand.

When you shop for used watches, keep in mind that there are plenty of pitfalls. You may accidentally overpay for a fake, or the watch may be missing key parts, and the repair is either impossible or too expensive. That’s why, if you’re looking to buy a second-hand luxury watch, you need to shop from licensed experts like our Hatton Garden watches specialists.

How to Maintain and Preserve Your Luxury Watch Purchase

New or vintage, once your luxury watch is in your possession, you’ll want to adopt these maintenance and preventative measures to keep your purchase ticking for years to come.

·       Regularly Clean

You should clean your watch by wiping it down with a soft glove and using soap and water, or a special solution, to clean between any joints. Always use the manual’s cleaning steps since the exact method you use will depend entirely on your watch type, its age, and the mechanism inside.

·       Get it Serviced Every Two Years

Your car needs a tune-up by professionals to keep working well. The same applies to your watch. Get it serviced every two to three years by a watchmaker who knows the brand and the watch. This way, you can keep it in working order long before an issue occurs.

·       Store it Properly

When you aren’t wearing it, store it properly in its box. This keeps it away from sunlight and can prevent accidental damage. Extended exposure to UV light, for example, can fade the colours of your watch and, if it uses a battery, can shorten its life.

·       Avoid Harsh Conditions

Chemicals, cologne, perfume, water submersion – all of these can damage your watch over time. Cleaning it regularly and only wearing it on clean, bare wrists can prolong its life. As for water, be very aware of the depths you can take your watch and don’t exceed that limit to keep your watch working for longer.

·       Be Familiar with the Manual

Regardless of your watch, or its age, you should read through the manual and be familiar with the maintenance steps, its limits, and its care instructions. Watch maintenance will differ depending on whether it’s mechanical or electronic, for example. There will also be differences between a luxury fashion watch and a dive watch. Know the differences, and if you’re ever unsure, check back with the manual before you do anything.

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