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Diamond rings in Hatton Garden at Regal Jewellers

How to Clean a Diamond Ring

| Daniel Brisk

Is your diamond ring looking more dull than dazzling?

Even if you are super careful when wearing your diamond ring, you can’t prevent bacteria, dirt, and dead skin from accumulating on the band and in the setting.

Fortunately, there are several steps that you can take to restore your diamond ring to its original glory, most of which can be carried out from the comfort of your own home.

Read on to find out exactly what you need to do to get your diamond ring sparkling again. Plus, what cleaning products to avoid at all costs and how to store your diamond ring to keep it in mint condition for longer.

How do you clean a diamond ring at home?

In most cases, you should be able to clean your diamond ring at home. Although diamonds are considered to be one of the most precious stones, they actually require a very simple cleaning regime that can be carried out without the help of a professional jeweller.

  1. Use soap and water

One of the easiest and most effective ways to clean your diamond ring is with a simple combination of soap and water.

Gel soaps and baby shampoos work best as these are gentler than other soaps and can be applied directly to the stone when diluted in warm water. Avoid creamy soap formulas, as these can leave a film behind on both the band and the stone.

  1. Clean with a baby toothbrush

Although you can use your fingers to gently clean your diamond ring in warm water, using a baby toothbrush can be more effective. These contain softer bristles than other toothbrushes and are the perfect size for getting dirt out of small nooks and crannies.

Never use a scouring brush or Brillo pad to clean a diamond ring; these are too abrasive and can damage the ring.

  1. Leave to soak

Depending on how long it has been since you last cleaned your diamond ring, it may need a long soak to ensure all the dirt and grime becomes dislodged.

Ideally, you should soak your diamond ring for 20 minutes in warm water so that it doesn’t require too much manual cleaning. If, after 20 minutes of soaking and then cleaning your diamond ring, it still looks dirty, repeat the process again.

  1. Avoid cleaning hacks

There are so many cleaning hacks for diamond rings online, most of which are not a good idea and can damage your ring. Some of the most common DIY cleaning hacks are toothpaste, acetone, baking powder, and even bleach! All of these are not necessary and should be avoided at all costs.

  1. Be consistent

Now that you know what you have to do to keep your diamond ring looking its best, the next step is to make sure you clean your ring on a regular basis.

Ideally, it would help if you cleaned your diamond ring once a week. This will ensure it stays sparkling and make the cleaning process a lot easier and quicker. If this seems like too much, then once a month is fine, but you may have to soak your ring for a little bit longer.

Also, if you take your ring off when you are sleeping, this can help to reduce how often you need to clean it.

Should I take my diamond ring to a jewellers to be cleaned?

Although you should clean your diamond ring on a weekly basis at home, it can also be a good idea to take it twice a year to the jewellers for more intensive cleaning.

A professional jeweller will have all the equipment and cleaning supplies needed to get your diamond ring looking like new again. Furthermore, they will be able to check the ring for any signs of damage and make any necessary repairs there and then.

Ideally, you should take your diamond ring to be cleaned at the same place that you bought it as they will know exactly how to clean your ring to optimum effect. They should also not charge you for this service, whereas other jewellers might.


What can I soak my diamond ring in to clean it?

If your diamond ring is looking really dirty, then you may want to give it a long soak in warm water and a gentle gel soap. Let your ring soak for around 20 minutes, and then gently remove any dirt and grime using your fingers or a soft-bristled brush.

Never soak your diamond ring in any bleach-based products, as these can damage the metal and the stone.

How do I make my diamond ring sparkle again?

If your diamond ring has lost its sparkle, then this is probably because you have not been cleaning it often enough. Therefore, you need to invest your time in a regular cleaning routine that involves cleaning your ring with warm water and diluted soap.

Do not be tempted to clean your diamond ring with toothpaste or any other whitening product as this will not make it sparkle anymore but may damage the ring.

What are ultrasonic cleaners?

Some jewellers use ultrasonic cleaners to clean diamond rings with encrusted dirt that cannot be removed by normal cleaning alone. These work by sending low-frequency sound waves through a solution that causes the fluid to vibrate and remove accumulated dirt.

However, these should only be used by professional jewellers as they can cause the stones to come loose or chip the girdles of the diamond.

How should I store my diamond ring?

Although you may want to wear your diamond ring every day, especially if it is an engagement ring, it can be a good idea to keep it out of the spotlight occasionally.

When not in use, you should store your diamond ring in a microfibre or felt bag as these will ensure that it remains clean and undamaged. Once in its bag, you can place your diamond ring in your jewellery box until you want to wear it next.