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Engagement rings in Hatton Garden at Regal Jewellers

Asking Her to Marry You This Christmas? Top Tips to Make Your Proposal Extra Special

| Daniel Brisk

Ah, the Christmas marriage proposal. There’s magic in the air, love all around, and so many stunning decorations wherever you turn. The season is warm, it’s bright, and it’s honestly one of the best times to get engaged. That being said, sometimes there’s the issue of just having too much choice. If you’ve got the great idea to have your marriage proposal at Christmas but don’t know what to do from there, rest easy, as we have your back.

Top Christmas Proposal Ideas

There are so many different ways that you can go about getting engaged. You can do it on Christmas Day itself, or you can pop the question earlier in the season so you can spend your first Christmas engaged, right after you get engaged. Since the season is so full of amazing things to do, you can really get the most out of the honeymoon period that comes right after an engagement.

There’s also the issue of what is or isn’t open. If you have a beautiful little cottage getaway booked over Christmas or are planning a very family-orientated or low-key proposal, then Christmas Day can be perfect. If that’s not the case, however, then you’ll want to do it a bit earlier in the season. This way, you can take advantage of all the wonderful things to do in your area and can celebrate your engagement by announcing it with your family in person shortly afterwards.

Not sure what you can do? Just have a look at these top proposing at Christmas ideas:

Go to a Christmas Show

There are so many stunning Christmas shows out there. While a play is absolutely a great way to spend the season, it’s not what you’ll be looking for right now. Instead, see what Christmas-themed light shows there are available. Christmas at Kew is just one example, but don’t stop there in your search.

There are also stunning Christmas setups done at all the palaces and manors that are open to the public. Not only will those places be dressed up to the Christmassy nines, but they’ll also be the perfect backdrop for a proposal. Better yet, those properties tend to have more private nooks than a pathway-based event. You can find somewhere absolutely magical when you go to Hampton Court Palace’s Christmas festival, for example.

For the best results, always scout out where you intend to go early so you know just where to take her when you propose.

Travel to a Stunning Destination

Why not book a trip? Christmas abroad is particularly magical, especially if you’ve been through your home city’s Christmas events over and over. Plan a trip to Paris, Amsterdam, or wherever else you have your heart set. There are so many great destinations that really transform for the Christmas season. Travel to see them, and you’ve got all that magic at your fingertips and the intimacy of a getaway trip all rolled into one.

Book a Private, Romantic Lodge

If you want something quiet, intimate, and romantic, book a lodge, cottage or hotel room. Choose a place that really dresses up their rooms or at least the common areas for Christmas. You can book a romantic getaway anywhere in the countryside, but for the best of things to do, choose somewhere like the Cotswolds or even Oxford. Think of this as a trip away without leaving the country.

Plan Your Own Christmas Route

You can absolutely DIY it. A great option is to create your own Christmas route. London especially has so many stunning Christmas light decorations and buildings that dress up for the occasion. You can go on a fun little scavenger hunt to find them all on your list, with the last spot being somewhere dreamy for your proposal.

You don’t need to get around on foot, either. Book a horse-drawn carriage ride to really make the evening special. She may clock on to how big of a night it is, but that’s just part of the fun!

Book One of the Stunning Christmas-Themed Restaurants

If you want to propose in a restaurant, then choose one that goes above and beyond with its Christmas decorations. You can go for a Charles Dickens-inspired restaurant like Maggie Jones that’s all old-world Christmas and candlelight dinners or for something flashy.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Ring

Choosing the right ring can be a struggle, especially when you’re also wondering how much to spend on an engagement ring? The good news is that there are no rules. It’s entirely down to you and her. If she expects something big and flashy, then you’ll have to budget and save. If she’s not comfortable wearing something so expensive, then spend less. One thing to keep in mind, however, is whether or not that ring is a Christmas gift or not. The answer to the question, can an engagement ring be a Christmas present? It is a yes, but there is the chance that it goes from being a conditional gift (of marriage) to an actual gift. If you want to make sure that the engagement ring stays a conditional gift (as outlined by the law), you’ll want to get her an actual Christmas gift on top.

So, with that out of the way, how do you pick out the perfect ring? You use these tips:

Take Pictures of the Jewellery She Wears Every Day

It doesn’t matter if she wears real or faux jewellery, take a picture of her everyday staples. You’ll then also want to take her out to a nice dinner and encourage her to wear her nicest pieces. Once again, take pictures (she’ll love it!), and you’ll have a reference between her everyday jewellery and her statement pieces.

See If She’s Saved Ideas Online

Look up her Pinterest, and wherever else you can check. If you two have talked about marriage, then chances are she’s started to save the ideas she’s come across.

Watch a Movie with an Engagement Plot

Another great way to start the conversation while making it sound natural is to watch a romantic movie that includes an engagement plot. This can naturally lead to a conversation about rings. Pay attention to what she says, and note that information down for later.

Finding the Ring

With all that information you can then start ring shopping. If you don’t find anything pre-made, however, don’t worry! You can have her dream ring custom-made right here with us.