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What Makes Expensive Jewellery The Ideal Christmas Gift?

| Daniel Brisk

With Christmas becoming more and more of a presence, thanks to adverts and reminders appearing everywhere, this is the time of year when you’ll probably start to think about the kinds of gifts you might want to give your loved ones. There are lots of options, and it can be hard to choose, but one thing that will always be appreciated is expensive jewellery. If you’re wondering why or even whether expensive jewellery is worth the money, keep reading because we’ve got all the answers about what makes it the ideal Christmas gift.

Long Lasting

There are many types of jewellery you can buy, and the prices are going to range from cheap to expensive, with a lot in the middle too. Although you should always stick to your budget (you don’t want to spend above your means or the coming year could be a difficult one, and no one wants that), you should also always pay as much as that budget allows when it comes to jewellery, and one of the many reasons for that is that it will last longer.

Buying cheap jewellery might seem like a good idea at the time, and you’ll certainly end up with something pretty in a box that your loved one will enjoy opening. However, when it comes to actually wearing the piece, is it really going to stand the test of time? Will it last for years, even a lifetime, or will it break apart quickly and just sit in a box doing nothing for years instead?

The fact is that when you’re buying jewellery gifts for Christmas, paying more means you’ll get something that will last and be a joy for many years, and that’s really special. Something that falls apart and is then forgotten about isn’t so great and is just a waste of money.

The Emotional Connection

If you want to give someone the gift of jewellery this Christmas, it’s best to look for something that can give them an emotional connection – you want them to fall instantly in love. A piece of expensive jewellery will give you that effect because the feel, look, and overall quality of it will instantly show it to be something special, and no one can resist that.

Just look at your loved one’s face when they open their gift – that emotional connection will make their eyes light up (and maybe even tear up) and their mouth smile, and you can feel absolutely sure they love what you’ve given them. A cheaper piece of jewellery might still be appreciated, but it might not offer the same kind of instant love and emotional connection, and that’s the difference – you’ll definitely want to see it and know you’ve chosen and invested well.

A Personalised Gift

When you buy cheaper or cheap jewellery, it will be mass-produced and easily bought off the shelf. That means a lot of other people will have exactly the same thing, and there’s really no uniqueness about it at all.

However, when you opt for something more expensive, you’ll also often get something that no one else has either because it’s a one-off, it’s made by hand, or because you’re able to personalise it with your choice of gems, or perhaps an engraving, for example. These things do all cost more money, and you’ll always need to think of your budget, as we mentioned above, but giving someone a truly unique and utterly personal jewellery gift is a wonderful thing to do that you’ll feel good about, especially when you see the happiness in your recipient’s face when they see what you’ve done for them.

There’s something so exciting about knowing you’re the only one who has a particular item and that it’s all for you, so giving someone a chance to feel like that is definitely worth the investment.

A Wonderful Memory

Life is all about making wonderful memories because that’s what we’ll pass down, and that’s what we’ll enjoy as the years go by. That could mean you don’t want to buy a lot of ‘stuff’ and you’d rather focus on experiences when it comes to gifts, and that’s a good idea – for the most part. However, if you can find a physical gift that will also create a beautiful memory for the years to come, that’s worthwhile investigating as well.

Expensive jewellery offers you that unique combination because although it’s a physical item, it’s one that will be worn often and enjoyed for a long time to come. On top of that, when the recipient opens it, a memory will be burned into their mind, and it’s something that they’ll always remember – getting that gorgeous piece of high-quality jewellery is a joy. Then, every time they wear or even look at the piece in the future, those good feelings will come back, and they’ll feel excited all over again. As you can see, the gift of jewellery can do so much more for someone than you might think, and it’s never going to be a passing moment of happiness – it’s something that will last.

Something To Pass On

Combining everything we’ve said about why buying more expensive jewellery is the best option if you can, you’ll end up with high-quality pieces that stand the test of time and make people happy, which is a great thing. Those elements also work when you think about the fact that an expensive piece of jewellery is something that can be passed on to loved ones over the years and even become a cherished family heirloom.

Have you ever wondered how an heirloom started its life? It would have been a beautiful gift, given to someone the giver loved very much and who kept it for years before passing it on and starting the tradition. Can you see how the piece of jewellery you’re thinking of buying this Christmas could fit the bill perfectly?

Although it might not be the main reason for spending a little more on Christmas jewellery than you might usually do, the fact that you could be the start of a gorgeous family tradition is quite exciting, and it might be the final push you need to start exploring all your options.