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Jewellery Guide: Moissanite or Diamond?

| Gillian Esposito

They are similar in look, yet very different in price. On first glance moissanite can appear to offer the beauty of diamonds without the investment - but is this really the case? When searching for your perfect engagement ring, you may be tempted by the lower price point of moissanite to get the look you want. But in this jewellery guide we explain how despite a passing resemblance, there is a big difference between these two stones. Moissanite and diamonds are certainly not the same thing, and if you are looking for a more budget friendly option for your engagement ring, lab-grown diamonds may be a better choice in the long term.

It is only natural to be drawn to options that appear to save you money, and this is where your eye may be drawn to moissanite. So, what is this stone that looks like a diamond? Does it offer good value?



When it was first discovered in 1893 by a French scientist named Henri Moissan, moissanite was mistaken for diamond. On closer inspection it was established that the material was in fact silicon carbide, and not the carbon that forms diamonds. Exceptionally rare in nature, natural moissanite is very hard to come by. Almost all moissanite stones are produced in a laboratory much like lab-grown diamonds, and are engineered to recreate the sparkle of diamonds at a much lower price.


Yes, these stones do bear a passing resemblance, but in closer inspection they look very different. In fact, it doesn’t take a gemologist to spot the difference between the two stones. If you are deciding on what stone to select for your engagement ring, here is a run-down of the differences between these two sparklers.



Given the implications of value, when it comes to precious items of jewellery like engagement rings, a very good compromise could be lab-grown diamonds. If you are wanting the look of a diamond for your ring, in choosing a lab-grown diamond you get the ’real thing’ with a more affordable price tag - and a great investment that will hold value well.

Of course, many people love the bright rainbow fire of a moissanite stone and consider it beautiful in its own right, with no need to compare it to a diamond. But rather than try and get the diamond look with a moissanite, we would say it’s best to stick to diamonds and not compromise. Our expert gemologists are always available to guide you through finding your ideal natural or lab-grown diamonds – or any other gemstone for that matter. Whatever your budget, talk to us and together we can create something special, for the special person in your life.

Value for money

One of the greatest draws of lab grown diamonds is the cost. This is perhaps the biggest deciding factor when selecting a lab grown stone over a natural one for engagement rings or wedding rings. Offering great value for money, the engagement ring of your dreams (or even beyond your dreams!) may be affordable with lab grown diamonds.